John Harris Andrews

Place of Birth

  • Born      30 November 1846 at Brighton Sussex
  • Died       Saturday 23 November 1907 at Poulton-le-Fylde aged 60

Born at Brighton, on 30 November (St. Andrew's Day), 1846 John Harris Andrews was educated privately before being articled with Mr J Scarse, surveyor, Burgess Hill, Sussex. Afterwards he was assistant to  Henry Stevens, and other architects, and had some experience as builders' surveyor. In June 1874 he came to Manchester to take up the appointment of resident surveyor and manager for the completion of the new Town Hall, and retained this position until the Town Hall was completed and opened. He commenced private practice in 1881 and was architect for the Moseley Hotel, Piccadilly, Board Schools at Bradford, Woodall's Buildings, the Carriage Company's offices, Deansgate, etc, He took an active interest in politics and was a member of the Manchester City Council for twelve years between 1885-1897, representing St Clement's Ward in the Conservative interest. During the construction of the Thirlmere Aqueduct, he served on both the Water and the Thirlmere Sub-Committees. For several years he was Chairman of the Hydraulic Power Supply, and for six years Chairman of the House Committee of the Municipal Art Gallery. He was also appointed Justice of the Peace.

In partnership with Edgar Samuel Titmas 1883-1886 and with Thomas Butterworth under the style Andrews & Butterworth from the early 1890s under the style J H Andrews and Butterworth. Following J H Andrews’s death in 1907, the practice continued under the style Andrews and Butterworth until the late-1930's.

John Harris Andrews died on 23 November 1907 at Poulton-le-Fylde, The funeral service was held at St Chrysostom’s Church, Victoria Park, prior to the interment at the Southern Cemetery. He was survived by his widow, Mary.

1883    Andrews and Titmas, 48  Arcade Chambers St Mary’s Gate, Manchester
1886    Andrews & Titmas 48 & 49 Aecade chambers St Mary’s Gate Manchester
1891    John H Andrews. Architect & Surveyor. Imperial Buildings. 20 Cross Street. Manchester
1895    Andrews & Butterworth Prudential Buildings 78 King Street
1899    Andrews & Butterworth Prudential Buildings 78 King Street
1911    Andrews & Butterworth Prudential Buildings 78 King Street

1879    John Andrews, surveyor 42 Heywood Street, Moss Lane West
1881    42, Heywood Street, Moss Side (Census)
1883    97 Rumford Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock
1886    Oak Cottage Styal Handforth Cheshire
1888    1 Langley Place. Daisy Bank Road, Victoria Park
1891    1 Langley Place. Daisy Bank Road. (Slaters Directory)
1899    Langley House, Daisy Bank Road, Victoria Park, Manchester (Pike)
1907    Langley House, Victoria Park, Manchester (Manchester Guardian Death Notice)

Obituary     Manchester City News Saturday 30 November 1907 Page 7

Buildings and Designs

Building Name District Town/City County Country
House Shop etc Wood and Manor Streets Brompton   Brompton  Kent  England
House and Shop: Eastgate Rochester for Mr J L Edwards   Rochester  Kent  England
Town Hall   Manchester  GMCA  England
Conservative Club Rivald Street Miles Platting Miles Platting  Manchester  GMCA  England
Central Conservative Club: Canal Street and Union Street   Manchester  GMCA  England
Johnson Street Board School Bradford Manchester (School No 21) Bradford  Manchester  GMCA  England
Mosley Hotel Piccadilly Manchester   Manchester  GMCA  England
Kay & Lee Warehouse 17 High Street Manchester   Manchester  GMCA  England
Proposed Rebuilding: “Shears Hotel” Newton Heath Newton Heath  Manchester  GMCA  England
Proposed Alterations to Beer House Openshaw Openshaw  Manchester  GMCA  England
Public House. Hard’s Town Chatham for Mr Joseph Ashley   Chatham  Kent  England
Galvanised roof girders and Columns for Woodhams and Levy   unknown  unknown  England
Villa. Fant Fields near Maidstone for W Varney   Maidstone  Kent  England
Three Cottages at Strood for Mr J Elvrey   Strood  Kent  England
Three Cottages at Strood for Mr J L Edwards   Strood  Kent  England
Detached Cottage Rainham Kent   Rainham  Kent  England
House and Stable High Street New Brompton Kent   New Brompton  Kent  England
Conservative Club New Islington/Bradford Street New Cross   Manchester  GMCA  England
Proposed Rebuilding: “Golden Lion” Blackley Blackley  Manchester  GMCA  England


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Andrews J H and Butterworth Archtectural practice 1895 1907 Manchester
Andrews and Titmas Architectural practice 1883 1886 Manchester