Ellison C O and Son

Architectural practice

About 1884 Christopher Obee Ellison took his son His son William Stanley Ellison into partnership under the style C O Ellison and Son. This partnership was dissolved on 25 September 1901

C. O. Ellison and Son were architects of the new Infirmary in Smithdown-road for the Toxteth Guardians, Liverpool (1893-4), and of the extensive additions thereto made five years subsequently: of Bevington House, for the People’s Homes Co., at Bevington Bush, Liver¬ pool, begun in June, 1898, and opened for 450 lodgers on January 11, 1900, with provision in the plans for 650 beds when completed, and established after the plan of the “ Row- ton Houses” in London; and of the Brad- stock Lockett Home at Stockport for Crippled Children (1901-2). They prepared the plans and designs for the Town Hall in Hamilton-road, Birkenhead; the Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for Shropshire and Wales in Murivance, Shrewsbury (1881); hospitals at Belper and Bootle; and, in Liverpool, of the Eye and Ear Hospital, in St. Paul’s-square; the artisans’ dwellings (1890) for the Corporation; the Adelphi Hotel, in Ranelagh-place, W. ; the Adelphi Bank; and the Eye and Ear Infirmary, in Myrtle-street. They were the architects of several Board schools in Lancashire, and of churches in some of the large towns of Yorkshire, W.R., in Rugby, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and elsewhere, and of the promenade at Douglas, in the Isle of Man. [Builder 3 September 1904 page 225]

1889 Third in Harrogate Baths competition [Harper]
1891 Won Toxteth Park Hospital competition [Harper]
1892 Third in Widnes Library competition
1893 Second in Sunderland Union Infirmary competition [Harper]
1894 Won Denbigh Asylum competition [Harper]

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