Taylor and Simister

Architectural practice
Partner 3

Buildings and Designs

Building Name District Town/City County Country
Grand Theatre Union Street and King Street Oldham Oldham GMCA England
Church Hall and Institute Hollinwood Oldham Hollinwood Oldham GMCA England
Oldham Town Hall Extension Oldham GMCA England
Town Hall. Chadderton Chadderton GMCA England
Forty Wooden Huts Chadderton Park Oldham Oldham GMCA England
Proposed house Macclesfield Road Buxton Buxton Derbyshire England
War memorial (Town Hall) Middleton Middleton GMCA England
Nurses Home and Administrative Building. Strinsdale Institution Oldham GMCA England
New Church and additions to Sunday School Wheeler Street Higher Openshaw Higher Openshaw Manchester GMCA England
Central Premises Oldham Co-operative Society Oldham GMCA England
Branch Premises Oldham Co-operative Society Oldham GMCA England
Drill Hall. The 10th Battalion Manchester Regiment Oldham GMCA England
Darker School for Oldham Education Committee Oldham GMCA England
Head Office and branches. Oldham Stock Bank Oldham GMCA England
Branch Bank Darwen for Midland Bank Darwen Lancashire England
Branch Bank Accrington for Midland Bank Accrington Lancashire England
Branch Bank Nelson for Midland Bank Nelson Lancashire England
Branch Bank Middleton for Midland Bank Middleton GMCA England
Branch Bank Prestwich for Midland Bank Prestwich GMCA England
St Ambrose Church and Schools Oldham Oldham GMCA England
Spinning and Weaving Mill Alexandria Egypt Alexandria Egypt
Nurses Home Oldham Royal Infirmary Oldham GMCA England
Lees Nurses’ Home Lees Oldham GMCA England
Strinesdale Sanatorium Oldham Oldham GMCA England
Hospital for the Townships of Oldham, Chadderton, Middleton, etc Oldham GMCA England
North Chadderton Senior Elementary School Park Street Chadderton Chadderton Oldham GMCA England
Cenotaph Chadderton Town Hall Middleton Road Chadderton Chadderton Oldham GMCA England
Forty Houses of Modern Construction No location GMCA England