Building Name

Workhouse Schools, Oldham

GMCA, England
Guardians of the Poor - Oldham Union
New build
Executors of the late E. Whittaker, Oldham

OLDHAM — The Board of Guardians some time since broke off negotiations with the architect whose plans were selected in the recent workhouse schools competition, on account of the unexpected cost. A fresh competition was instituted, to which 37 architects responded. The first premium of £50 was awarded to "Hope," the second, £30, to "F.S.A.," and the third, £20, to " Faith." On opening the envelopes, it was found that the first and third premiums had been won by alternative designs submitted by Mr. Alexander Banks, of Rochdale-road, Oldham, who has since been appointed architect; and the second by Mr. Wolstencroft, of Royton. The proposed outlay was from £9,000 to £10,000; the tenders received for the successful design in the first competition ranged from £15,000 to £20,000, but Mr. Banks' estimate for the selected design is about £8,400. [Building News 4 January 1884 page 36]

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