Building Name

Warehouse: 69 High Street

69 High Street
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
Lloyd Payne and Amiel
New build
P Farrell City-road

Messrs Lloyd Payne and Amiel, dealers in Birmingham goods whose warehouse at present is in Thomas-street are having built from designs by Messrs Beard and Wood*, Manchester, a new place of business on one of the sites referred to above, situate at the corner of Back Turner-street. The plot contains 163 square yards and cost £14 per yard. The building has reached ground floor, and when complete will be four storeys high. It will be of brick with stone dressings and turreted. The builder is Mr P Farrell, City-road. It may be added that the land comprising the above sites, being in a central position and near to the market - this part of High-street being now one of the principal thoroughfares thereto - has considerably increased in value since the plots were purchased, and advanced offers have been made for the land. [Manchester City News 20 January 1872 Page 3]

Lloyd Payne and Amiel, wholesale jewellers are listed at 69 High Street in the 1876 Street Directory on a site between Thomas Street and Edge Street. By 1883 they are listed at 10-12 Thomas Street. – existant with “original” shop signage retained.

 *    Beard and Wood are not listed in the directories - should this be Beardwood?