Building Name

Oddfellows Hall, Robson Street, Oldham

1888 - 1888
Robson Street
GMCA, England
New build
part residential
Edward Stephenson

A large Odd Fellows' Club is to be erected in the centre of Oldham, from the plans and under the superintendence of Mr. A. Banks, architect, [Building News 16 December 1887 page 917]

OLDHAM - The new Oddfellows' Hall, Oldham, was opened on Saturday. On the ground floor are three lodge-rooms, each measuring 24 feet 9 inches by 12 feet, and a small concert-room, 23 feet 6 inches by 21 feet 6 inches, the whole being fitted up with lattice seating. The billiard-room, which is also on the ground floor, provides accommodation for two billiard tables. The bar is centrally situated. The assembly-hall is on the first floor, its dimensions being 64 feet 6 inches by 36 feet. The building is faced externally with local stock bricks, relieved with Ruabon terra- cotta and sandstone dressings, the roofs being slated with Welsh slates, capped with Ruabon tiles. The contract for the work was let to Mr. Ed. Stephenson; mason, Mr. A. Staley; joiners, Exors. of E. Whittaker; slater, Mr. Jos. Jackson; Mr. Lowe, Farnworth, supplied the wood-block flooring. The plans have been prepared by, and the work erected under the supervision of, Mr. A. Banks, architect, Union-street, Oldham. [Building News 9 November 1888 page 628]

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