Building Name

Memorial Cross St Margaret’s Church Gardens Bury Old Road Prestwich

1915 - 1916
Bury Old Road
GMCA, England
New Build

The cross was erected in memory of Benjamin Carver of Polefield House who donated the land between the churchyard and Bury Old Road to maintain the open aspect of the church. The cross stood on a platform of five steps, the cross, constructed of Darley Dale stone, being 25 feet high. A slender six sided shaft rose from a moulded and carved base, the shaft having a moulded band in the centre and a moulded and battlemented cap at the top. On the cap stood a carved and traceried cross with a shield on each side,, that towards the east bearing the crown and lily, emblems of St Margaret and that to the west the letter"M". This first cross, erected in 1915, was blown down and broken during a violent storm on 1 January 1916. In May 1916 it was replaced by a similar but lighter cross on a reduced one-piece shaft. To maintain the overall height, a plain base was added between the stepped platform and original carved base.

Reference           J Herbert Kidson.  Records of St Margaret’s Holyrood Prestwich 1849-1926