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Improvements Douglas Isle of Man. New Street and Promenade

Isle of Man
New Build

DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN.—The Proposed New Street for Douglas.—The House of Keys devoted nearly the whole of Friday in last week to the final consideration of the bill to provide a new street and promenade for Douglas, on the plan drawn up by Mr. Ellison, of Liverpool. An attempt was made by the persons opposed to Mr. Ellison's scheme to have the bill delayed, because it had not been reprinted since that scheme was substituted for Mr. Culshaw's; but the House considered that reprinting was unnecessary, and the bill was finally passed at a Tynwald Court held late at night. The bill was signed preparatory to being sent up to London for royal assent. [British Architect Volume 1 20 February 1874 Page 124]

Reference    British Architect Volume 1 6 February 1874 Page 92
Reference    British Architect Volume 1 20 February 1874 Page 124