William Henry Matley

Place of Birth

  • Birth Date           Jan-March 1865 at Salford
  • Marriage              Jan-March 1892 to Ellen Ann Brotherton at Prestwich
  • Death date          22 January 1947 at Llandudno
  • Funeral               25 January 1947 at Llangwstenin Church near Llandudno Junction

The son of Henry and Elizabeth Matley, William Henry Matley was born in Salford and trained as an architect. In the first decade of the 20th century he was in partnership with Alfred Wellington Smith before the latter’s departure for America. By 1914 he had entered into partnership with (a yet to be identified) Mills. By 1914 William Henry Matley had entered into partnership with (a yet to be identified) Mills. By 1919 they were employing Ernest Brotherton, Matley’ nephew. Brotherton would eventually join Matley in partnership, seemingly about 1927. Although both Matley and Brotherton were members of the Manchester Society of Architect, Fellow and Associate respectively, neither joined the RIBA. The firm continued in practice until the 1950s, although Brotherton had died in 1941 and Matley in 1947. The later partners are not yet known.

W H Matley retired about 1935 and is not listed in the RIBA Kalendar for 1936-37. He moved to Llandudno and died there on 22 January 1947.

1901        Smith & Matley 14 Ridgefield Manchester
1911        Smith & Matley 14 Ridgefield Manchester
1911        Alfred W Smith. architect (Smith & Matley), 14 Ridgefield
1914        Matley and Mills Manchester
1921        Matley and Mills. Court Chambers, Old Millgate, Manchester
1928        Matley Brotherton and Mills. 11 Old Millgate, Manchester
1937        Matley Brotherton and Mills. 39 Oxford Road

1881        4 Bury New Road, Broughton, Salford
1901        Urmston
1909        “Ashwood,” Atkinson Road, Ashton-on-Mersey (Slater)
1911        “Ashwood,” Atkinson Road, Ashton-on-Mersey (Slater)
1947        “Sherwood,” Conway Crescent, Maes Du, Llandudno, Caernarvonshire (probate)





Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Matley and Mills Architectural practice 1914 1928 Manchester
Matley Brotherton and Mills Architectural practice 1928 1952 Manchester
Smith and Matley Architectural practice 1901 1908 Manchester