Edwin Alfred Steinthal

Place of Birth

  • Born : April-June 1859 at Fallowfield, Manchester
  • Married : 1893 Edith Augusta. Rowlandson, at Brighton
  • Died :  Sunday 22 January 1928 at Bramhall,
  • Cremation :  Manchester Crematorium at noon on 24 January 1928

 Edwin Alfred Steinhall was the third son of the Manchester cotton merchant Henry Michael Steinthal, and his wife Wilhelmine Pauline Steinthal.  Manchester-born, H M Steinthal had been a member of the Unitarian Cross Street Chapel when William Gaskell, the husband of the novelist Elizabeth Gaskelll, was the Minister. [The Making of Manchester Jewry Page 386]. The Reverend Samuel Alfred Steinthal (1826-1910 and believed to be his uncle) was minister at Cross Street Chapel between 1871 and 1893. Edwin Alfred Steinthal was educated at Clifton, Owens College, Stuttgart and London, and took up the career of an architect, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1906 He was briefly in partnership with Frank Walter Mee and later a partner in the firm of Salomons and Steinthal, but during his later years he worked alone. He was well-known in Manchester as the designer with Salomons of the Manchester Crematorium, though he specialised in the interiors of private houses, in which subject he was considered to have a very refined taste.

In 1893 at Brighton he married Edith Augusta Rowlandson, artist, illustrator and the author of “New Rhymes for Nursery Times,” published about 1899. Census records indicate that they had four children, Margaret (born 1894), Phyllis (born 1896), Geoffrey (born 1897 and killed at the Battle of Jutland) and Leonard (born 1898). His eldest son, Geoffrey Rowlandson Steinthal, a lieutenant in the Royal Marine Light Infantry died aboard H.M.S. "Black Prince." at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916. aged 19 and is commemorated on Chatham Naval Memorial

Alfred Steinthal died, aged 68, at “Wyncote,” Bramhall on Sunday 22 January 1928 and was cremated at Manchester Crematorium.



Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Salomons and Steinthal Architectural practice 1888 1897 Manchester
Mee and Steinthal Architectural Practice 1887 1888 Manchester