Thompson and Webster

Architectural practice

 Miles Thompson, architect, was born in Kendal in 1808, the son of John Thompson, whitesmith and his wife, Betty. About 1825 he began work as a draughtsman for Francis and George Webster. George Webster took him into partnership in 1845 and retired in his favour in 1846. Although works by Miles Thompson subsequently appear under the style of “Thompson and Webster,” nothing has been found to indicate any involvement by George Webster following his retirement save in the design of Merlewood. Miles Thompson died, unmarried, at his house in the Lound in 1868.

 * NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting and carried on between us the under-signed, George Webster and Miles Thompson, as Architects at Kendal, in the county of Westmorland, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.  All debts due to and owing by the late firm will be received and paid by the under-signed Miles Thompson, in whose favour the undersigned George Webster retires. — Dated the 20th day of March 1846.  Geo. Webster, Miles Thompson. [London Gazette page 1097]

1851        Miles Thompson, late Webster and Thompson, Bridge Street, Kendal
1858        Miles Thompson, architect and slate merchant, Lowther Street, Kendal