Sharp and Foster

Architectural practice

Details of this partnership are obscure. Initially, Sharp and Foster ran entirely separate offices in the same building at St Mary’s Gate, Manchester. In 1896-7 they both removed to 11, Mawson Chambers, at 28 Deansgate where they shared an office until Foster’s assumed death in 1903-1904. It would seem most probable that the two men continued to run completely independent practices while sharing the expense of maintaining this office in Manchester and obviously collaborating on competition entries. The partnership between Sharp and Foster is noted only in the directories of 1902-04 and may thus have been formed specifically for Agecroft Cemetery the competition for which they had won jointly. Even during this period, both men continue to have an individual entry in Slater’s Directory.  Sharp’s decision to remove to South King Street may have been occasioned by the death of Foster in 1904.

1902    Sharp and Foster 28, Deansgate, Manchester
1904    Sharp and Foster 28, Deansgate, Manchester