Mills and Butterworth

Architectural practice
Partner 2

MILLS and BUTTERWORTH beg leave most respectfully to inform their friends and the public they have commenced business as ARCHITECTS and SURVEYORS, and hope by their united attention and assiduity to business, to give such satisfaction to those who may favour them with their commands as will ensure them a share of public patronage. Offices 21 Ridgefield Manchester.

Reference           Manchester Guardian 24 March 1827 page 2

1827        Mills and Butterworth 21 Ridgefield, Manchester
1828        Mills and Butterworth 21 Ridgefield (Pigot’s Directory*)
1828        Miles and Butterworth, 23 Cross Street Manchester (move noted Pigot’s Directory*)
1829        Miles and Butterworth, 23 Cross Street Manchester (MG 31 Oct 1829 p2)
1829        Miles and Butterworth, 3? Chapel Street (opposite Angel Inn) Oldham (MG 31 Oct 1829 p2)
1841        Mills and Butterworth 36 Cross Street Manchester

* Pigot’s National Commercial Directory 1828-1829