Leech and Ratcliffe

Architectural practice

Leech and Ratcliffe, architects and surveyors, had been formed before 1903 by (unidentified) Leech and John Charles Ratcliffe. The partnership survived until 1934 when notice was placed in the London Gazette that the partnership between John Charles Ratcliffe, Frank Ratcliffe and Thomas William Bates, all of 7, Cheapside, in the city of Manchester, carrying on business as Architects, Surveyors and Estates and Insurance Agents, under the style or firm of Leech and Ratcliffe, was dissolved by mutual consent on 31 December, 1934. However, it would appear that the firm was resurrected (partners unknown) and continued for a further ten years.

1903        Leech and Ratcliffe 7 Brazennose Street
1908        Leech and Ratcliffe 7 Cheapside Manchester
1935        Leech and Ratcliffe 7 Cheapside Manchester