Building Name

Warehouses and Offices Portland Street / Princess Street Manchester

1864 - 1868
Portland Street
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
Manchester Warehouse and Office Company (Limited)
New build

ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS This Company is formed for the erection of first-class warehouses and offices in the centre of Manchester, upon a plot of land upwards of 3,000 square yards in extent, which has been secured on advantageous terms. The proposed site has a frontage of 73 yards to Portland Street and 46 yards to David Street, opposite the warehouse of Sam Mendel Esq, and in the immediate neighbourhood of the leading warehouses. Some of the best and most steadily remunerative property in London and other cities consist of well-constructed blocks of warehouses and offices. Such property is not liable to fluctuation and cannot fail to rise still further in value as population increases. In Manchester the demand for such accommodation is increasingly great. Applications for tenancies have already been received and there will be no difficulty in selecting highly eligible tenants for the whole building. The building will be constructed with every modern improvement; and as regards light, economy of space and general convenience will be second to none in Manchester or elsewhere. [The Times Monday 30 January 1865 page 4]

This is presumably the building noted by the Builder in 1868:

A little way off in the same street (Portland Street) is another still larger block of building, recently finished in brick with stone dressings, which we shall perhaps not be wrong in ascribing to Mr Salomons, partly because it resembles nothing else, and this gentleman seems to go in for a new style in every building he erects.  …….  Angle porch, internally circular in plan, flanked at the entrance by octagonal columns of a most indescribable design with very novel, but not ineffective capitals.  …..  The general design may be described as clever, but wanting in breadth of general effect and in refinement of detail - too much cut up into little bits and too full of conceits and oddities.

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