Building Name

Swimming Baths. Bacup (Architectural Competition)

1890 - 1891
Bacup, Rossendale
Lancashire, England
Borough of Bacup Baths Committee
Architectural Competition
Exors of Henry Maden.

BACUP – At a meeting held last Monday it was decided that the first premium for baths be awarded to Mr Wilson junior (surveyor’s assistant); second premium, Messrs Magnall and Littlewoods architects, Manchester; and the third to Mr. Wilson, borough surveyor. [Building News 28 March 1890 page 466]


BOROUGH OF BACUP BATHS - The Baths Committee on the 13th inst. accepted the designs of Messrs Mangnall and Littlewoods, architects, Manchester, and have also accepted tenders for the work amounting to £7,500, presented by the late Mr. Henry Maden. The baths include first and second-class swimming-baths, first and second-class slipper-baths, and Turkish baths. The prizes were originally awarded as follows: First prize, Mr. Wilson, assistant borough engineer; second prize, Messrs. Mangnall and Littlewoods; third prize, Mr. Wilson, senior, borough engineer; but the estimates from Mr. Wilson, being unsatisfactory, were rejected by the committee. [Building News 17 April 1891 page 557]

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