Building Name

Stoves Showroom and Workshop Deansgate Manchester

1894 - 1895
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
Manchester Corporation
New build

CORPORATION SHOWROOMS - There can be little doubt of the public advantage derived from the departure made some time ago by the Gas Committee of the Manchester Corporation, when it decided to supply approved patterns of gas stoves, cookers etc. on easy and reasonable terms to those who would adopt their use. The committee felt that this was the best way to encourage the extended use of gas for domestic purposes, and at the same time persuade the citizens of the numerous advantages of gas over coal in the kitchen. With this in view, showrooms were opened in the Town Hall, and it was at once seen that the enterprise was appreciated by those for whom it was intended.

It was soon found that the space allotted in the Town Hall for showrooms was quite inadequate for the purpose, and the Gas Committee decided to acquire suitable premises in which the various makes of stoves etc could be shown to advantage, and where the ordinary business of the department could be comfortably and conveniently transacted. They were fortunate in securing a plot of land in Deansgate which was in the hands of the Improvement Committee, who had found great difficulty in securing a purchaser for it, and to whom it was practically useless. On this land, which was transferred to the Gas Committee for the sum of ,3,220, extensive buildings have been erected at a cost of £2,972, on which an additional £345 have been expended on fittings and equipment, making a total of £6537; and the block has since been used as showrooms for gas stoves, cookers and similar appliances.

Having been specially erected for the purpose, the buildings are admirable in design and arrangement. They are four storeys in height, and lighted throughout with the electric light. The ground floor and the floor immediately above are stocked with stoves of the most prominent makers, every approved design being kept for inspection by the intending hirer or purchaser. The basement and top floor of the building are used as repairing and cleaning shops for stoves that have been out on hire.

On the occasion of the opening of the showrooms, September 23rd of last year, after the premises had been inspected by members of the City Council. Under the guidance of Mr Alderman Gibson and Mr Alderman Higginbottom, Chairman and deputy Chairman of the Gas Committee, the rooms were declared open by the Lord Mayor, Mr Alderman A E Lloyd who, in a short address, wished the undertaking every success. At a subsequent meeting Mr Alderman Gibson, speaking as Chairman of the Gas Committee, stated the reasons that had induced the committee to open the showrooms, the chief desire being to develop to the fullest extent, the resource of the magnificent gasworks, in which something like four million of the money ratepayers are invested. .... continues with further advantages of gas [Manchester Faces & Places Vol VII No 5 February 1896 page 78]

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