Building Name

Rookery Hall Worleston Cheshire

Cheshire, England
Baron William Von Schroder
Alteration and Extensions

Rookery Hall was built in 1816 which at that time was known as "The Rookery, Worleston". It was the home of William Hilton Cooke. Apart from owning Rookery Hall and 500 acres of surrounding land, William Cooke was also the proprietor of a sugar plantation in Jamaica which was named "Chester Castle".

Baron William Von Schroder purchased the Hall in 1867 together with the park, farms and greenhouses where vines were grown successfully. He was the son of Baron John Henry Von Schroder, the founder of the Merchant Banking firm of J Henry Schroder and Company. Baron William became a Justice of the Peace, Lieutenant of the County of Cheshire and, finally, High Sheriff in 1888. He was a keen sportsman and loved hunting. He died in 1912, having lived to the age of 71 years and is buried in Worleston churchyard. The Von Schroder Crest and Coat of Arms can be seen on the barrelled ceiling in the main dining room. The Baron changed the traditional Georgian mansion into a small chateau. He was also responsible for substantial additions to the building and gave the house the unusual character which makes it almost unique in this country. His son Baron William the younger sold the Hall in 1947.