Building Name

Rhayader Workhouse (Architectural Competition)

Radnorshire, Powys, Wales

Rhayader Workhouse - Three designs submitted by Messrs. Haddon, W. E. H. Lingen Barker, and Mr. Stephen W. Williams, respectively, were referred by the Rhayader Board of Guardians, at their meeting on the 3rd ult., to the architect of the Local Government Board. This gentleman’s report was received at an adjourned meeting, held on the 2nd inst., for this purpose, and it is stated, that Mr. Lingen Barker's plans were bettor arranged, more suited to the requirements of the union, and capable of being carried out at less cost than either of the other two laid before him. The second place in order of general excellence and suitability ho awarded to the plans submitted by Mr. Stephen Williams, Wo think that the selection of the best plan in cases of this kind should always be left, to a competent authority; the competitors would then be fairly dealt with, and the ratepayers would reap the advantage of the competition by getting in reality, and not in imagination only, the best arrangement of the building that was possible under the circumstances, and at the least outlay. [Building News 18 July 1873 page 82-83]

Reference     Building News 18 July 1873 page 82-83