Building Name

Restoration: "The Old House," Hereford

Herefordshire, England
Worcester City and County Bank

The Worcester City and County Bank acquired “The Old House” at Hereford in 1882. Alterations were entrusted to E H Lingen Barker, chosen after a competition 'restricted to half a dozen architects from London and the West of England, selected for their special experience in dealing with works of this kind. This clearly pleased the Builder, dismayed at the demolition, one after another, of houses on either side. However, the Bank's own records suggest that their corporate interest in conservation was less than whole-hearted. Indeed, the acquisition was nearly abortive, rescued only by negotiation when the Bank’s best bid, of £1600, failed to meet the auctioneer's reserve, and the house had been sold to a private buyer who could not, in the event, complete the purchase. Even £1600 had been more than the Bank intended, but a director 'too k upon himself' to bid £1000 more than authorized. 'The Old House' was acquired by Lloyds Bank in 1893 and given by them to the Corporation in 1921. It is still one or the main attractions of central Hereford. [John Michael Lloyd Booker: The Architecture of Banking]

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