Building Name

Repairs: Church of St Madog, Haroldston West, Pembrokeshire

1867 - 1882
Haroldston West
Pembrokeshire, Wales

The ICBS records indicate that plans were prepared as early as 1867 for the restoration of the church including new roofs and general repairs. Kedgewin William Ladd drew initial plans; Lingen Barker drew second set of plans and Reynolds' contract was accepted. However, little or no work appears to have been carried out.

In 1883 the Pembrokeshire Herald noted: Less than a couple of years ago, this Church dedicated to St. Madoc, was in ruins, a perfect disgrace alike to the County and the diocese.  Three sides of the Church, together with a large portion of the roof (which was nearly all uncovered) were festooned with a considerable growth of ivy. Everything inside was green with damp, and the birds and. rats had taken undisputed possession. See separate entry for Restoration of the Church in 1882-1883 by Lingen Barker.

Reference    Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser 7 September 1883
Reference    ICBS 06736
Minutes:      Volume 19 page 70, Volume 22 page 33, Volume 23 pages 307, 315, 331, 350, 357