Building Name

Proposed Church of St David, Westbourne Road, Holloway

1866 - 1869
Westbourbe Road
Holloway, London
GLC, England
St. David’s (Islington) Church Building Committee
Proposed scheme

HOLLOWAY - The erection of a new church to accommodate about 1,000 persons, will shortly be commenced in the Westbourne-road, Holloway. It will be dedicated to St. David, and the district which will hereafter be assigned to it will be separated from St. Luke's, West Holloway. This district lies chiefly between the Liverpool and Caledonian Roads, and has a population of upwards of 8,000. A design, in the style which prevailed in this country during the fourteenth century, has been selected by the committee. The architect is Mr. B. H. Lingen Barker. [Builder 8 December 1866 page 909]

An action was brought by Mr. E. H. Lingen Barker, against the Rev. J. Ormiston, as chairman of the St. David’s (Islington) Church Building Committee, for a breach of contract, in wrongfully dismissing him from the position of architect, to which he had been appointed by a resolution of the committee. There were also special claims for plans prepared and other services rendered, and for the use of the said plans after his dismissal.  ...... [Builder 20 March 1869 page 233]

Reference    Builder 8 December 1866 page 909
Reference    Builder 20 March 1869 page 233 – legal action