Building Name

Philips’ Hall and Trevelyan Club, Bury

GMCA, England
R N Philips MP
New Build

BURY - the formal inauguration of the Trevelyan Club took place on the 28th March in Philips Hall, in the large assembly room connected with the establishment. The premises comprise billiards room for three tables 50 feet by 28 feet; club-room, 32 feet by 20 feet; reading room, 25 feet by 20 feet; library, chop-room. Residence for steward, and extensive cellarage. Philips’ Hall, in which the inaugural meeting was held, is a room on the ground floor, 90 feet by 60 feet, especially designed for large political meetings, with ample openings directly into the street, without the intervention of passages or staircases. The buildings are designed in the domestic Gothic style, with pitch pine open roofs, and boarded ceilings throughout, and are admitted to be the most perfect of their kind in England. The premises belong to R N Philips MP, and are by him rented to the club at a low rate. The buildings have been erected in separate contracts by the townspeople at a cost of nearly £8,000 from plans prepared by Messrs Maxwell and Tuke of Bury.[Building News 6 April 1877 Page 351]

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