Building Name

Oldham Victoria Market Tommy Field Oldham

1855 - 1856
GMCA, England
New build

THE OLDHAM VICT0RIA MARKET - On Thursday evening the employees, with the contractor, several members of the committee, to the number of 120 in all, sat down to supper at Mr. John Neild's Crown and Anchor Inn, Henshaw Street, to celebrate the “rearing" of the market. … Addresses were delivered by Mr Bailey, Mr Dean, Mr J H Mellor and Mr Bake, the architect to the company, in which the merits of the site of the market, and the superior advantages which it will confer on the town were fully discussed. For twenty years the necessity of a covered market has been admitted by all classes in Oldham; but owing to the great length of the town, the ratepayers have never been able to agree upon the site of a market, and its want being greatly felt, a number of gentlemen formed themselves into a company, and took a lease of the ground at Tommy Field, a spacious plot of land in the very centre of the town, and of easy access from the principal streets. The market, which is rapidly approaching completion, is an elegant structure; and altogether its dimensions are at present limited, it is so arranged that it can be enlarged whenever the requirements of the public demand. [Manchester Guardian 19 January 1856 page 6],

MANCHESTER - The contractors for the new Victoria Market, in Tommy-field, are rapidly proceeding with their work. The pillars and most of the girders have been got up, the woodwork of the roof is far advanced, and a good portion of the flagging and sewering of the area has been completed. It is confidently anticipated, says the local Courier, that the market will be ready for opening by Easter. [Builder 26 January 1856 page 49]

THE VICTORIA MARKET - This new market, which is situated in Tommy Field, is rapidly approaching towards completion, and is expected to be opened in the course of a fortnight. Twenty-four shops have been erected at the north and west sides, and we believe that they all have been taken. The most efficient mode of lighting the market formed a subject of anxious consideration by the committee and several members suggested that the best and cheapest light they could have would be the sun burner provided it could be protected from the current of air. The suggestion was communicated to Messrs Gentle and Falconer, who constructed a large lamp with the 'sun burner" inside. and when tried a few evenings since, it gave great satisfaction. This is the first time, we are told that this burner has been brought into use in the open air. [Manchester Guardian 9 June 1856 page 4]

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