Building Name

North Lodge Hilton Park Prestwich

Crescent Avenue
Hilton Park, Prestwich
GMCA, England
New build
Grade II

Following the ridge of the hill, Hilton Crescent ran from Bury New Road near to George Street back to the main road and was marked by a lodge at each end. The South Lodge was demolished in the 1920s but the North Lodge remains. Based on references in the Manchester Guardian, Ernest Bates appears to have been the architect and possibly developer for the later parts of the estate, dating from the 1860s.

The North Lodge was designed in a picturesque “cottage orné” style, cross-gabled, with barge-boards and finials. The coat of arms of the Munn family is incorporated in a square panel on the bell tower (motto "Vinit Omnia Veritas" - Truth Conquers All Things). Two original stone gateposts with octagonal caps and curved iron railings between also remain at the junction of Bury New Road and Crescent Avenue.

By 1903 the lodge was occupied by Daniel Livsey, gardener.