Building Name

New Wing: Victoria Hotel Southport

Neville Street
Lancashire, England
Victoria Hotel Company Limited
Robert Neill and Sons



THE VICTORIA HOTEL, SOUTHPORT – We this week give an illustration of the Victoria Hotel at Southport, the property of the Victoria Hotel Company, Limited. A new wing has been added to this hotel during the past year, which now makes it one of the most complete seaside hotels in the kingdom. It is situated on the north side of the site bounded by Neville-street, and occupies the left-hand portion of our view. It has been erected upon land reserved for extension at the time the hotel was remodelled, about eleven years ago, and is built upon one of the few freehold plots of land in the town. The ground-floor of the new wing is occupied by new smoke-room, 50ft. in length by 30ft. in width and 15ft. in height; billiard-room, 40ft. in length by 24ft. in width and 15ft. in height, and spacious serving bars communicating with each; new dining- room, 52ft. in length by 3rft. in width and 15ft. in height, with spacious promenade corridor, 85ft. in length by 8ft. in width. The first pair floor of the new wing is occupied by No. 8 spacious sitting-rooms to the front, the bedrooms overlooking the courtyard. The second and third pair floors are entirely occupied by bedrooms, of which there are 40no., all spacious in size and height, giving now a total accommodation of 120 bedrooms to the hotel, fitted with bathrooms and requisite offices on each floor. The new bedrooms and sitting-rooms have been elegantly furnished in a manner that gives great credit to the board of directors, and cannot fail to be appreciated by visitors who may patronise the hotel. The rooms on the ground-floor are lighted on the most approved plan with sunlights, and are heated by hot water, which can be controlled to any desired temperature in the winter months. A refectory has been arranged under the smoke-room, 50ft. by 30ft., and is most suitably fitted with modern necessities of every kind, having its own kitchen requisites for cooking, etc., independently of the rest of the hotel. The external entrance is In West-street, and has been more especially adapted to meet the wants of the middle-class visitors, and at most moderate charges. The new wing has been erected from designs and under the superintendence of Messrs. Mangnall & Littlewoods, architects, of Manchester. It is Italian in style of architecture, having oriel windows on the first pair floor, built of stone. The builders are Messrs. Robert Neill & Sons, of Manchester, and the cost has been about £15,000, exclusive of furnishing. The hotel is fitted with electric bells throughout, and is most complete in all its appointments. [British Architect 24 November 1876 page 329 and illustration]

Reference           British Architect 24 November 1876 page 329 and illustration