Building Name

New Pavilions. Booth Hall Infirmary, Charlestown Road, Blackley

Charlestown Road
Blackley, Manchester
GMCA, England
Manchester Board of Guardians
New build

The new pavilions will accommodate 200 sick children, each in a separate open-air cubicle, which can be enclosed, with suitable ventilation, if necessary. This is believed to be the first occasion on which this type of accommodation has been provided in a general children's hospital. It is confidently thought tbat the separate nursing of each child will greatly reduce the risk of contracting other diseases to which children are frequently exposed by being admitted to large wards, and also the risk of introducing infection into such wards. The pavilions- will relieve the congestion existing in the Booth Hall Infirmary at the present time, and will also enable the guarding to transfer a number of sick children at present maintained at their hospitals at Withington and Crumpsall. [Manchester Guardian 28 August 1925 page 7]