Building Name

New Fish Markets, Oldham

1872 - 1873
GMCA, England
New Build

THE NEW FISH MARKET, OLDHAM - This new Fish Market has just been opened. The Corporation more than twelve months ago determined to erect a small market for the retail of fish adjoining the present market and consequently decided to advertise in competition to architects for drawings, two premiums being offered. The designs of Messrs Mangnall and Littlewood, architects, Manchester, were selected and they were instructed to prepare the working drawings. The building was commenced in February 1872 and is now completed. The size of the market is 80 feet in length by 40 feet in width, with ground floor and basement, the ground floor being set apart as the market, which is lighted chiefly from the roof with north lights. The roof has three bays, the construction being a combination of cast and wrought iron and timber. The market is fitted up with stalls formed of polished stone bearers and Sicilian marble tops, with moulded nosings. The framing above the stalls for carrying the poultry, game etc is of wrought iron of simple construction. The stalls are divided so that they can be let to twenty tenants. The contractors for construction of the buildings, except for the ironwork, were Messrs Greenup and Watts of Manchester. Messrs Mabon and Company of Manchester were contractors for the ironwork, the roof and gates etc. Messrs Woolstenhulme and Rye, the ironwork to the ground floor; the marble and stone fittings were by Messrs Patteson of Manchester and the wrought iron in connection with the fittings by Messrs Hibbert and Company of Manchester. Mr David jackson of Oldham has carried out the flagging. The total cost of the market has been about £2,200 and about £500 for fittings [Builder 7 June 1873 Page 452]

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