Building Name

National School, Codford St Mary, near Salisbury

Codford St Mary, Salisbury
Wiltshire, England
New build
Gaisford, of Warminster.

Codford St. Mary.—A new national school was opened at Codford St. Mary, near Salisbury, on the 15th ult. Accommodation is provided for about seventy children, the principal room being 22 feet 10 in. by 17 feet, and the class-room 13 feet by 17 feet. The material used is Westbury brick, and the roof is composed of dun-coloured Bridgwater tiles of a special pattern. The rooms are fitted with Penfold’s warming and ventilating grates. Moule’s earth-closet system has been introduced. The cost was between £500, and £600. The architect was Mr. E. H. Lingen Barker, of Hereford; and the builder, Mr Gaisford, of Warminster. [Builder 15 July 1876 page 696].

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