Building Name

National Girls’ School, the Maes, Rhayader, Radnorshire.

The Maes
Radnorshire, Powys, Wales
New build
William Evans

RHAYADER - The foundation-stone of the new Girls' School has been laid on the Maes. The school and class rooms, which will be 40 ft. by20 ft., and 13 ft. by 10 ft. respectively, will accommodate 120 children, and the former, when arranged for meetings, etc., will contain upwards of 250 persons. The general style of the structure will of course be Gothic, the walls being brick on a stone base. Internally the timbers of the roof will be exposed to view, and externally they will be covered with Major's patent tiles. A bell cot will be added if the funds should permit. The contract has been taken by Mr. William Evans, and will be executed under the superintendence of the architect, Mr. E. H. Lingen Barker, of London and Hereford. [Builder 13 July 1867 page 516]

The foundation stone of a new school was laid at Rhayader last month. It will be capable of accommodating 120 children, and when completed will add one more to the large list of new ornamental structures recently erected in this rising little town. The architect is Mr. E. H. Lingen Barker, and the contractor Mr. William Evans, of Rhayader. [Builder 7 September 1867 page 668]

RHAYADER [RADNORSHIRE) - The new schools were opened on Tuesday, the 31st December. The large room, which accommodates 120 children, is spanned by an open timber roof, covered with Major’s patent dun-coloured tiles. The walls are of red brick, relieved with bands of firebrick. The general style of the structure is Gothic, of a Continental type, the grouping of which is assisted by a bell spirette. Monle’s dry-earth closets have been supplied, and a fair trial will be given them. The works have been carried out by Mr. William Evans, of Rhayader, from the designs of Mr. E. H. Lingen Barker, architect. [Builder 25 January 1868 page 66]

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