Building Name

Manchester and Salford Savings Bank 8-10 Booth Street Manchester

1872 - 1873
Booth Street
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build
Grade II

The business of the Manchester and Salford Savings Bank was on Tuesday removed from the old building in King Street to new and more capacious premises in Booth Street. .... (built on the site of Mr Alderman Willert’s warehouse)  ... The architect (Mr E Salomons) has adopted the modern Renaissance as the design of the building. The facade in Booth Street is in the neo-Grecque style, and a most pleasing effect has been produced by the magnificent carved work produced by Mr E Williams. The walls of the vestibules are lined with vitrified marble of a decided tone and colour, while the ceiling is of pitch pine. Emerging from the vestibule we get into the large area of the bank itself, and see at a glance the entire working arrangements by which the banking business is conducted. The pollard oak and ebony counters, the fittings and furniture are of substantial and elegant workmanship. Here again vitrified marble is used as the coating of the walls. The floor consists of marble and cement, and the room is lighted by a dome 24 feet square, supported by polished granite pillars with marble caps and bases. On the same floor is the private office of the manager and actuary, Mr L W Andrews. The boardroom is on the floor above, and at the back there are residences for one of the cashiers and the porter. The cellars are principally occupied by treasuries and safes and a kitchen for cooking. The building, which is fire-proof from top to bottom, has been erected by Messrs R Neill and Sons. [Manchester Guardian 21 November 1873 page 7].

MANCHESTER AND SALFORD NEW SAVINGS BANK, MANCHESTER - This elegant building, of which the Architect has kindly favoured us with his working Drawings, has recently been erected in Booth Street, Manchester. It will be seen, on reference to the working Drawing, that the design in some portions has been slightly modified from the original elevation. The interior of the building, and also another elevation to Kennedy-street, are examples of the refined treatment which is invariably to be found in the works of the Architect, Mr E Salomons, of Manchester and London. [British Architect 15 May 1874 page 312].

Reference    Manchester Guardian 21 November 1873 page 7
Reference    British Architect 15 May 1874 page 312 and illustration