Building Name

Interior Decoration and Reredos: St Peter’s Church St Peter’s Square Manchester

St Peter's Square
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England

RE-OPENING OF ST PETER'S CHURCH - On Saturday St. Peter's Church, Manchester, which has been closed for some time during the renovation of the interior was opened for divine service. The alterations in the church have been extensive. The roof has been coloured, and looks very handsome; the colours are principally subdued yellows, greys, and pale stone, relieved with simple black lines. The chancel has been elaborately decorated, the vaulted roof being of soft grey, blue, and gold, with a black outline, and the walls are in gold and grey diapered work. The statuary has been cleansed, and around the niches containing it have been painted wreaths of olive with golden fruit. The walls as far as the moulding are painted a light brown colour the upper portions being a pale green. The eight oval panels upon the walls are fitted with paintings in flat tints representing scriptural subjects. Messrs Bottomley and Sons, Leeds, have done the work, under the superintendence of Mr. Salomons, architect. [Manchester Times 18 September 1875 page 6].

Reference           Manchester Times 18 September 1875 page 6