Building Name

Grandstand and County Stand: Stockton-on-Tees Racecourse

Co Durham, England
Stockton-on-Tees Racecourse Committee
New Build
R Neill and Sons, Manchester

STANDS: STOCKTON RACECOURSE - The building operations for the alterations and additions to the county stand and the new grandstand at Stockton racecourse to replace the old structure, which was razed to the ground, were started in May this year and have been completed in the record short time of three months. The architects are Messrs Mangnall & Littlewoods, 42 Spring Gardens, Manchester, who designed Chester, Haydock Park, Hooton Park and other racecourse buildings, and the contractors were Messrs Robert Neill & Sons, Strangeways, Manchester. The size of the county stand is 85 feet by 50 feet and it accommodates about 1000 people. The grandstand is in size 172 feet by 50 feet and accommodates more than 2000 people. Slated roofs entirely cover the whole area of both stands so that everyone would be protected from inclement weather. The new grandstand is built of local bricks. Under the stand is situated a large general refreshment room, size 63 feet by 35 feet, telegraph office, large dining room, size 52 feet by 35 feet, with kitchens and store rooms. The alterations and additions to the county stand include a new club lunch-room, kitchen and stewards’ retiring rooms. The upper storey outer walls of this building are of roughcast. The natural difficulties of this site, owing to its marshy nature, have been successfully overcome by erecting the stand on a large concrete raft which extends all over the site covered by the building; the raft is nearly two feet thick, reinforced with expanded metal and rolled steel joists. A firm foundation has thus been achieved. [British Architect 18 August 1905]

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