Building Name

Grand Pavilion and Café, Prince’s Parade, Bridlington

1905 - 1906
Prince's Parade
Yokshire, England
New Build
T Spink of Bridlington

The new Grand Pavilion and Café at Bridlington which have been erected on the extension of the Prince’s Parade in under six months from letting the contract was opened on Friday by the Lord Mayor of London and Sheriffs. The pavilion is rectangular in plan and will prove an attractive feature from the shore, having a dome and campanile towers. It contains gallery, ladies' and gentlemen's cloakrooms, and shops. On passing through the main entrance the public would come to a a crush‑room leading to the body of the hall. A staircase on the left leads to the gallery  above. The. hall is 96 ft. by 71 ft., which has been calculated along with the gallery, to accommodate about 3,000  people. The seating of the body of the hall is of the tip‑up type, and is subdivided into reserved and ordinary seats. The stage has been specially designed for working  variety, dramatic, and orchestral performances in the season and in winter time on an extensive scale, and will be completely equipped, being; provided with rooms for lady and gentlemen artistes, property and manager’s room etc. Two large external balconies are provided for promenade purposes, accessible by doors from the gallery promenade. All possible precautions have been taken for dealing with fire and dispersing the audience rapidly in case of panic, numerous exits being provided from the gallery and body of the hall into the esplanade and Prince's Parade Café which would empty the building in the short space of three minutes. Lounges are to be provided in the body of the hall and the balcony. The café, which is a large one‑story erection, adjoins the pavilion; it is provided with folding screens, by which the pavilion and café could be thrown into one room, so that such of the audience as cared could partake of  refreshment. whilst hearing the music or viewing the performance. The roof garden on the first floor of the café can be approached from the pavilion or parade. The café is well equipped with kitchen, scullery, buffet, etc. The buildings are erected of wood on a steel framework, and the internal decorations are in fibrous plaster. Both pavilion and café will be lighted with electric light and heated on the low‑pressure hot‑water system., Messrs Mangnall and Littlewoods, Spring Gardens, Manchester, are the architects, the contractor being Mr T Spink of Bridlington. [British Architect 13 July 1906 page 36]

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