Building Name

Extensions to Gasworks. Gould Street, Rochdale Road

1871 - 1872
Gould Street
Ancoats, Manchester
GMCA, England
Gas Committee of the Manchester Corporation
New Build

EXTENSION OF THE GAS WORKS - Numerous and extensive additions have recently been made to the Manchester Gasworks in Rochdale-road. The architects are Messrs Mangnall and Littlewood and the contractors Messrs Rutherford and Son for the brickwork, Messrs Ellis and Hinchliffe for the masonry, and Messrs Mabon and Company for the iron. The works as they now stand occupy an area of eight and three-quarters acres, the whole forming perhaps the most capacious gasworks in the kingdom. The new buildings comprise two retort-houses, a revivifying shed with additions adjoining; a mortar mill over which is a mechanics’ shop; revivifying lime shed; a tramway; and other less important additions. In Newtown, some distance from the works, by the River Irk, have been constructed two large gas holders, on the three-lift telescopic principal. One of these measures in diameter 155 feet, and will hold 2,192,000 cubic feet of gas; and the other measures 96 feet and its capacity is 593,000 cubic feet. These last-mentioned gasometers or holders are, of course, connected with the works at Rochdale-road. The capacity of the seven holders at Rochdale-road and Newtown reaches the enormous total of 5,035,000 cubic feet. A new and extensive suite of offices, very neat in design, completes the additions to the works, which during the last three years have been nearly doubled in the extent of their manufacturing capacity.[The Manchester City News Saturday 20 January 1872. Page 3]

Reference           The Manchester City News Saturday 20 January 1872. Page 3