Building Name

Extension: Corn Exchange Manchester

Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
New Build
C L Dale Limited, Hulme

NEW BUILDING EXTENSION - The increasing importance of the Manchester Corn, Grocery and Produce Exchange as a centre for the distribution of foodstuffs in the North of England has necessitated its enlargement, more than once. Built in 1837. it. had to be extended in 1881 and also in 1890 - the year it was transferred to the Manchester Corn, Grocery, and Produce Exchange Limited. The amount of business transacted within its walls since then has steadily grown and some three years ago the directors decided that in order to maintain the prestige and usefulness of the Exchange, further extensions should be made. These additions are now on the point of completion. They comprise suites of offices, bank extension. enlargement of the Exchange proper. and a new and entirely up-to-date café. When completed they will have cost about £50,000 and will make this building the largest self-contained building in the City, with a total frontage of 300 yards. The offices, which number 586 have a length of corridors considerably over half a mile and are fed by five modern electric elevators and spacious staircases. Besides these offices, there are extensive basements, all of which been let to various produce merchants. The basements are models of cleanliness. being sanitary and vermin-proof—conditions of vital importance in these days when clean food is quite rightly demanded.  The main showing space in front of the cases in the Exchange is nearly 200 yards. and a further interesting feature is the new Telephone Room, which contains twelve boxes side by side fitted with new instruments. An electrically controlled Telephone Indicator is installed in the Exchange, and worked by 75 wires operating on 42 lamps. will produce any number from 1 to 999. This room also contains a nest of private letter boxes for the use of members.

All the extensions have been designed by Messrs. Potts and Hennings FRIBA, 31 Victoria Buildings, and the work executed by Messrs C L Dale Limited, builders and contractors, Hulme. Messrs Potts and Hennings, it is of interest to note, were the architects of the building 25 years ago, and have continuously acted as the architects since.

Messrs J. Lomax Kendal and Company Limited have installed the whole of the electric light installation. including fittings: Messrs William Wadsworth and Sons Limited put in the latest pattern electric passenger lift. Messrs. C. C. Dunkerley and Company Limited supplied all the structural steel: Messrs W H Heywood and Company Limited have done all the patent glazing to the roofs and Exchange dome; Concrete Limited, Leeds, were responsible for the precast reinforced concrete fireproof floors; Messrs C W Williams and Company have executed all the tiling and mosaic to the entrances. Corridors, etc. Messrs. Saunders and Taylor Limited were the contractors for heating and ventilation, and C E Harwood, Limited have done all the plastering, painting. and decorating. From a business point of view, it was important that during the extensions tenants should be able to carry on as usual. and the work of extension and alteration was so arranged that this was successfully accomplished. [Manchester Guardian 26 May 1925 page 14].

Reference           Manchester Guardian 26 May 1925 page 14 with illustration