Building Name

Enlargements: Independent Chapel, The Downs, Bowdon

1867 - 1868
The Downs
GMCA, England

BOWDON - The Congregational Church on Bowdon Downs has been re-opened for divine service. The nave or body of the building has been prolonged westward as far as the site would permit, and transepts have been added on both north and south sides. Each transept is divided from the body of the church by two arches supported by double columns. These columns are in two tiers, the lower portion connected together by carved capitals, carrying the principal support of galleries, the upper portion supporting the arches having similar capitals. There are galleries provided in each transept, the separate means of access to each being well arranged. There are also two new vestries. The style of architecture in the enlargement is Gothic, of the Early Perpendicular period, the old portion of the building being also Perpendicular, but of a debased character. The new west end and each of the transepts have large wheel-windows in the gables of different and original designs, and two windows of two-lights each under, the heads of the windows being filled with tracing of the Perpendicular type. The wheel-windows in the transepts lighting the galleries are the same. The gables are surmounted by crosses. There is additional accommodation provided for about 530 persons. The works have been carried out from the designs and under the superintendence of Mr. Ernest Bates, architect, Manchester, and we believe it is in contemplation further to improve the building, particularly the part facing the Downs.[Builder 2 May 1868 page 326]

The Congregational Church at Bowdon Downs, Lancashire (sic), was reopened on Sunday last after enlargement. The work has been carried out at a cost of about £3,000 from the designs of Mr Ernest Bates, architect, Manchester.

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