Building Name

Eccles Town Hall

GMCA, England
Eccles Corporation

At the last monthly meeting of the Eccles Town Council, Councillor Oldfield moved and Councillor Mort seconded the adoption of the minutes of the Town Hall Committee, which included a resolution approving revised plans by Mr Bigot, architect for the proposed extension of the Town Hall at an estimated cost of  £4,500. The original estimate, prepared by the Borough Surveyor, was £3,500, but this amount did not include all the work contained in the plans of the architect. Councillor F Smith suggested that other plans should be obtained before powers to borrow the money were applied for. Alderman Parr agreed that it would be well to have competitive plans for the work of extension. The proceedings of the Committee were adopted. [Builder 16 January 1897 page 63]

The additional buildings (at Eccles Town Hall) were erected at a cost, including furnishings, of about £7000 from the designs of Mr Cornelius Bagot, architect of Manchester. [Slaters Suburban Directory 1903 Page 20]

Reference           Builder 16 January 1897 page 63
Reference           Slaters Suburban Directory 1903 Page 20