Building Name

“Duke of Edinburgh Hotel” Alexandra Road and Greame Street Moss Side

Alexandra Road
Moss Side, Manchester
GMCA, England
George Cunningham
New build

In August 1874 application was made for a licence for a newly-erected Hotel situated in Graeme Street, opposite the entrance to Alexandra Park. Mr Lereseche, acting for the applicant, claimed that “The hotel was constructed upon the very best principles and included all the most modern improvements. It was very large and spacious and contained accommodation of the best class, being prepared for the purpose of meeting not only the ordinary wants of the immediate vicinity but also to supply the wants of the locality in connection with the Park. In the large and handsome Park which had been recently constructed at Moss Side there was no place of shelter and accommodation for the public in a storm, and he should submit that the premises of Mr Cunningham only afforded a reasonable provision for the number of persons who frequented the Park. The house had been fitted up to entertain a large number of persons at dinner, and to enable them to obtain refreshments very much in the way which certain houses in the neighbourhood of London were provided for the purpose of conducting a high-class hotel business. The house itself was a very handsome feature architecturally, and was an ornament to the locality; in fact, he may almost call it an appurtenance to the Park.” ..... Edward Salomons also appeared, confirming that he had superintended the works. He described the character of the house and accommodation afforded, stating that provision had been made for serving dinner to 200 to 300 persons daily. The chairman: we are quite satisfied with the accommodation. The style of the building is also undeniable in every way and may form an attraction to the public, but it will not form much attraction to a bench of magistrates. The application was strongly opposed by Manchester Corporation, and the application refused by the magistrates.[Manchester Guardian 29 August 1874 page 8]

Reference           Manchester Guardian 29 August 1874 page 8 - brewster sessions

Later History

1877-78        Walter M Curtis, spirit merchant, “Duke of Edinburgh” Hotel (Slaters Directory)
1903-1911    Duke of Edinburgh Buildings including shops and Edinburgh Dance Hall at first floor.
1915            Park Picture House  Grease Street (Greame Street), A1exandra Park.   Opened about May 1915 with 450 seats. Closed 1928. 1937: 400 seats. (Closed) Built on rear portion of the site - former stabling?
After 1922    Corner tower demolished
c1962           Demolished