Building Name

Concert Pavilion on new Pier Extension. Morecambe

1897 - 1898
Lancashire, England
Morecambe Pier & Pavilion Company Limited
New Build
Peters and Sons, of Rochdale

MORECAMBE- The new pavilion on the pier at Morecambe was formally opened on Monday in last week. It has been erected by Messrs Peters and Sons, of Rochdale, from plans by and under the supervision of Messrs Mangnall and Littlewoods, of Manchester, and from the same architects' designs the pier itself has been widened from 20 feet to 42 feet, a platform 250 feet by 159 feet being added alongside the pier-head to form the substitution for the pavilion. These works of widening have been executed by the Widnes Iron Company. The pavilion itself is free Renaissance in style, the internal measurements being 96 feet by 70 feet; it is surmounted by a central dome, and has a balcony 115 feet by 90 feet. The iron columns are set back so that the view of the stage is interrupted as little as possible. At the corners nearest the stage there will be boxes, the front of which, like the front of the balcony and the proscenium, will be covered with fibrous plaster work. The seating accommodation approaches 2,000. The four outside balconies are to be made into roof gardens. There will be six shops round the pavilion with a shelter on either side, whilst the manager's office and the directors' room will be on the west side. There are seven dressing rooms on the east side of the stage, and it is contemplated to increase this number to eleven by carrying that wing higher. On the other side are band-rooms, property rooms and other offices. The stage front is 30 feet wide. At the back of the pavilion there is to be an ornamental verandah and shelter for use in inclement weather. The sub-contractors were Mr Boekbinder, London, decorations; Mr Higginbotham, Idle, plumbing work and tinted glass; Messrs A S Taylor, Birmingham, zinc roofing; Messrs A R Dean Limited, Birmingham, seating etc; Messrs Baxendale & Company, Manchester, lead lighting; Messrs McCulloch Bond and Company, Sheffield, scenery; Messrs Jenkins, Tollarton & Company, Leigh, Stage lighting. [Building News 22 July 1898 Page 121]

Known as the Taj Mahal of the North because of its intricate mass of domes and towers.

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