Building Name

Clinical Hospital and Dispensary for Children Park Place Cheetham

Park Place
Cheetham, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build
R Neill and Sons

The first stone of the new hospital to be erected in Park Place, Cheetham Hill Road, was laid yesterday by Mr T Bazley MP in the presence of a numerous assemblage of the friends and supporters of the institution. The new hospital, which will be in conjunction with the one in Stevenson Square, has been designed by Mr E Salomons. It will have a frontage of about 80 feet, but will be only the west wing of the hospital when the intentions of the committee are fully carried out. It will be a plain, substantial structure, with scarcely any attempt at external decoration. With respect to the internal arrangements, the ground floor will be devoted to the accommodation of the general body of officers and attendants. There will be a waiting room, which leads to a dispensing room below, and from where there will be a separate exit. On the basement there will be ample space for the necessary domestic offices.  The principal ward will measure 31 feet by 23 feet and is to be arranged in the pavilion style, and after the manner of the most approved modern buildings of the kind. There will be ample means of ventilation, and to each patient will be allowed a space of about 1,200 cubic feet. Attached to that ward is a nurse’s room, an operating room, and a special ward. The arrangement of the upper floor will be on an exactly similar plan. The hospital will be heated by means of open fire-places and hot water apparatus. It will at first accommodate 22 patients, but is so contrived that eventually double that number can be admitted without any proportionate increase of the administrative departments. The contract has been taken by Messrs R Neill and Sons. [Manchester Guardian 3 May 1866 page 3]

Reference           Manchester Guardian 3 May 1866 page 3 – found stone