Building Name

Church Schools, Accrington (Architectural Competition)

Lancashire, England
Architectural competition
Unplaced entry

NEW CHURCH SCHOOLS, ACCRINGTON  - It having been decided to erect new schools in connexion with the above church, in Hargreaves-street, Accrington, the Committee invited the following architects to submit designs, viz: —Messrs. Maxwell & Tuke, of Manchester; Messrs. Stones and Gradwell, of Blackburn and Accrington; and Mr. George Baines, of London. The plans sent in have been on view for the last fortnight, and, on the 26th ult., a meeting of the members of the church was held, at which the recommendation of the Building Committee, that the design submitted by Messrs. Stones & Gradwell be accepted, was confirmed. The building will be erected on the site of the present school, which, however, will be enlarged by the acquisition of three houses adjoining. It is expected that the cost will be about £3,500.

A limited competition with three entrants. Unplaced. Builder XLVIII 11 April 1885 Page 529