Building Name

Church of St Catherine, Brynamman


The architect of the building is Mr. E. H. Lingen Barker, London, Hereford, and Tenby. The builders are Messrs. Balcombe and Price, Pembroke Dock. The design of the church is of a simple early Gothic character, and suited to the requirements, architectural effect being attained by good proportions, instead of the introduction of ornamental features, which, however desirable when funds are plentiful, would, in the present case, have delayed the work for a year or more. The nave accommodates 227 persons, is 55ft. long, 25ft. wide, 17ft. high, to plate, and 36ft. to ridge, the pitch-pine roof timbers being of an open description, with arched principals, plastered between rafters, and with a covering of grey Whitland Abbey slates and the chancel (to accommodate 30), of similar height to plate, is 26ft. long and 16ft. wide, and will have an arched, ribbed, and boarded ceiling. A vestry, with heating chamber below, is placed on the north side of the chancel, and a chamber placed on the south side for the reception, some day it is hoped, of an organ, but which in the meantime will be tilled up with a harmonium and 23 extra seats for children. The main entrance is at the west end, there being a porch and vestibule, with baptistry beyond, all arranged side by side beneath a lean-to roof, forming a kind of narthex. The chancel will be lighted by north and south lancet windows, and a three- light one in the east wall, and the nave by five two-light windows on each side, and a rose window or wheel, one, Tilled with Gothic tracery, in the west gable wall, and over this will be hung the bell in a suitable turret. The seats will all be free and unappropriated, of open description, with pitch-pine end-, and placed on wooden platforms. The contract works are to be completed by the 30th of April next. and it is expected that the draining and fencing in of the churchyard, the heating and lighting arrangements, and the complete furnishing of the building, will take another two or three weeks. The whole outlay, including architect's commission and legal expenses, it is confidently expected will not exceed tl,500, and accommodation will be provided for 300 worshippers.