Building Name

Church of St Aidan, Bradford cum Beswick, Manchester

1897 - 1899
Whyatt St, Swinton St,, Loftas St
Bradford-cum-Beswick, Manchester
GMCA, England
Building Committee for Rev D Fletcher,
New Build
R Carlyle of Ardwick

St Aidan's Church was consecrated on 2 April (Easter Day) 1899 by the Bishop of Manchester. It closed in 1966 and has been demolished. The principal funding came from William J Crossley of the engineering company Crossley Brothers.

The new building, which has cost £6,600, is of a simple character consisting of one span which organ chamber and vestries for the clergy and choir. [Manchester Guardian Monday 3 April 1899 Page 8]

In 1898 St Aidan's, Bradford, was assigned a District out of Christ Church, by Order in Council, 19 May, (London Gazette, 20 May 1989). The two parishes of Christ Church and St Aidan were re-united in 1972, as the parish of the Resurrection, by Order in Council, 24 May, (London Gazette, 30 May 1972).

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Archive            Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives. GB127.M900/1/1/2/2/2586 Ground plan of St Aidan's church, by Preston and Vaughan, architects (55 x 36 cms)  M190/2/16/1  October 1897