Building Name

Cemetery Chapels and Lodge, Whitworth, Rochdale

1876 - 1877
GMCA, England
New Build

The Plans of Messrs. Maxwell and Tuke for the chapels, etc., in the new cemetery at Whitworth, near Rochdale, have been selected in the competition. The design places the three chapels parallel, like the arms of the letter W, with vestries and covered hearse entrances between a central tower and spire over the narthex of the central or episcopal chapel. The vestry for this is at the back of the building. The buildings will be of stone, covered with slate and overhanging caves, with oak barge boards. The chapels will be warmed with superheated pipes conducted from the ļ¬replaces in each vestry. [The Architect. 2 December 1876. Page 332]

The contracts for these buildings have been placed in the hands of local contractors. The cost of the completed work will be about £3500. The architects are Messrs Maxwell & Tuke of Bury. [British Architect 13 April 1877 Page 232]

Reference    The Architect. 2 December 1876. Page 332
Reference    British Architect 13 April 1877 Page 232