Building Name

Broughton Baths Great Clowes Street, Salford

Lower Broughton, Salford
GMCA, England
Salford Council
New Build
Robert Neill and Sons

NEW BATHS, BROUGHTON - On the 2nd of October last year the County Borough Council of Salford confirmed a resolution of the Baths Committee selecting the plans of Messrs Mangnall and Littlewoods, of Manchester, for the Broughton Baths in competition. Seven sets of designs were sent in, each under a special motto, and to those marked "Leander" the committee have awarded the first position, and intend them to be carried out. The second premium of £30 was given to Messrs Darbyshire and Smith under motto "Greater Salford," and the third to Messrs. Booth and Chedwick, who adopted the motto "Simplex." The other designs were by Messrs. Hewitt, Messrs. Beaumont, Messrs. Smith, Willoughby, and Woodhouse, and Mr. T. Cook. The site selected is a plot of land situate in Great Clowes Street. There are two principal entrances from Great Clowes-street—one for first-class and the other for second-class bathers, with a ticket office for attendant in the centre. The first-class entrance is at the left-hand, and leads to the first-class swimming-bath, to the gentlemen's first-class slipper-baths, and to the ladies' baths, the entrance to the latter being immediately to the left after passing the turnstile, and a pass door is provided from them to the first class swimming-bath, enabling this to be utilised for ladies at certain periods of the day, as may be arranged, and thus making the ladies' department thoroughly private. The right-hand entrance-door is for the second-class bathers, and leads to the second-class swimming-bath and second-class men's slipper-baths. The passages are spacious, yet not of unusual length or wasteful, and the arrangement is compact. First and Second-class Slipper-Baths for Ladies: - There are three first-class ladies' slipper-baths, and six second class. In the first-class department there is provided a vapour-bath, with cooling-room and shower-bath, and each class has a w.c. The slipper-bath rooms are 8 feet in width, by 6 feet 6 inches in depth, and are fitted as per instructions issued. Gentlemen's First-class Slipper-Baths: - There are eight first-class slipper-baths for gentlemen, each room 8 feet by 6 feet 6 inches, and one larger room, 9 feet 3 inches by 6  feet 6 inches, containing slipper-bath and vapour -bath. On each side of the vapour-bath room, with door communicating therewith, there is a cooling room 7 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 6 inches, with couch. To each first-class bath there is a shower- bath and w.c, and all are fitted as per instructions. Second-class Gentlemen’s Slipper-Baths: -There are twelve second-class slipper-bath rooms, each 7 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 6 inches, with w.c. thereto. In each compartment there would be room for a seat for persons waiting. There is no shower to these baths, which will be fitted up complete as required by the instructions. Swimming-Baths —The first-class swimming-bath is 69 feet by 43 feet within the walls, with a water area of 60 feet by 25 feet The second-class swimming-bath is 97 feet 6 inches by 46 feet, with a water area of 75 feet by 28 feet The depth is 5 feet 9 inches at the deepest end, and 3 feet at the shallowest. Utilisation of Swimming-bath Room in Winter: - One or both of the swimming-baths will probably be closed in the winter months. It is here suggested (and has been elsewhere adopted) that one or both of the bathrooms could be used for recreation rooms, assemblies, or public meetings The large, second-class bath is well adapted for this, on account of its galleries and numerous means of exit. A special exit door is provided in the side wall to Lucy-street for use only on such occasions. If the bath be required for a gymnasium, the principals are strong enough to support swings or similar apparatus. Committee Room: - A committee room is provided, 16 feet by 13 feet, convenient to the deep end of the swimming-bath, having lavatory, w.c., and urinal. It will be well lighted from the roof, and will have a convenient private entrance from the back street, to obviate the necessity of passing through the general bathrooms on gala days or on special occasions. Manager's House: - The manager's house forms the centre portion of the building, over the entrances and ticket offices. The living-rooms and one bedroom are on the first-pair floor, and the remainder of the bedrooms on the second-pair floor. The approach is through the ticket office by staircase, and cut off from the baths; but, if desired, a separate entrance could have been arranged near the gentlemen's second-class baths. Elevations: - The architects have given considerable attention to this design. A reasonable amount of adornment was considered desirable, as the baths will be in the midst of a respectable residential population, and it was thought that red terracotta would be suitable as the principal material, the cost being moderate, especially with a repetition of panels, capitals, or ornaments, as in the present instance. As the building is surrounded by streets on three sides, this class of work, mixed with best stock-bricks for plain-faced work, but less ornate, will be also adopted for the side streets. [Building News 18 April 1890 page 570]

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