Building Name

Board School (Mixed), Salisbury Road, Willesden

Salisbury Road
Willesden, london
GLC, England
New build

First premium. Limited competition  

WILLESDEN - The School Board for Willesden are about to build a mixed school in Salisbury Road. Kilburn, for 1,440 children, or 570 infants and 870 boys and girls. The actual subdivision of the scholars was left to the architects who took part in the competition which has just been determined. Mr. W. S. Braithwaite, the architect to the Leeds School Board, acted as professional referee. The award is Mr E. H. Lingen Barker, of Chancery-lane, first; Mr G. E. T. Lawrence, second; Mr G. W. Webb, third; and the late Mr. Charles Ball's plan was given the fourth place. The chosen plan occupies two floors, 450 infants being located below, and 750 boys and girls above. If the board wishes, the assembly hall can, according to the rules of the Education Department, be used as extra classrooms for 60 pupils each, thus reaching the number stated above. [Building News 28 July 1899 page 97]

Reference    Builder vol 77 1899 page 108
Reference    Building News 28 July 1899 page 97