Building Name

Ayr Pavilion and Concert Hall, Low Green, Ayr (Architectural Competition)

Low Green, Ayr
Ayrshire, Scotland
Ayr Corporation
Architectural Competition
Third = premium

AYR PAVILION: SECOND PREMIATED DESIGN. This drawings for this work were sent in response to an invitation from the Ayr Corporation. Twenty- nine designs were submitted. Mr. Morris, of Ayr, was the assessor, and be awarded Mr. J. R. Hunter, of Ayr, the first premium, and the second premium to Messrs. Mangnall and Littlewoods, of Manchester, and Mr. E. Sutherland*, of Glasgow, as joint architects. This design is herewith illustrated. The requirements of the stage, gallery, and ball for theatrical, concert, and dancing purposes, have been adjusted so that the pavilion would serve for all purposes of entertainment the corporation require. The stage platform is interchangeable for both concert and theatrical performances. The audience would be able to see the entertainment from all parts of the gallery. A special feature in this scheme is that the Indian lounge, café, and open-air promenade balcony are entered off this part of the building. The pavilion has in addition a terrace-verandah, shops, and refreshment-rooms. The skeleton framework is of steel, and the external walls of the building are of pressed brickwork and coloured cement, and the roof of zinc sheeting. The pavilion, containing a. total accommodation for 2,000 people, is estimated to cost £8,270. [Building News 14 April 1905 page 529]

* Eric Sutherland had previously been employed as an assistant by Mangnall and Littlewoods

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