Building Name

Artisans Dwellings Salford Architectural Competition)

GMCA, England
Borough of Salford.
Architectural Competition
Third premium

Last week we published the report of the professional assessor in this competition, Mr Joseph Corbett CE of Salford. Today we illustrate the plans of the three premiated designs. Mr Walter Sharp of Manchester, in his first prize design provides 69 two-roomed dwellings arranged in two rows running east to west. The staircases give access to detached balconies, on which are the entrance doors. The stories are 9 feet 3 inches in the clear. The cost is estimated at 5d. per foot cube, giving a total of £10,160. Messrs Mackmurdo Hornblower and Walters provided in their second premiated design 60 two-room dwellings and 12 three-room - total 72. The total cost at 5.25d per cubic foot works out at £11,075. The third prize design by Messrs Mangnall & Littlewoods, furnishes 75 two-room dwellings and a complete absence of balconies in front of the windows makes a feature in their plan. Pricing the building at 4.75d per foot cube results in a total estimate of ,10,102 without paving sewering etc. £135 therefore is the cost per dwelling. The drawings are now on view in the Public Library at Pendleton.[Building News 14 April 1893 Page 498]

Reference : Building News 14 April 1893 Page 498