Building Name

Art Treasures Exhibition: Temporary Railway Station Old Trafford

Old Trafford, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build
C D Young and Company, Edinburgh

The questions of the railway accommodation, mode of approach etc., have now been settled. There will be a platform 800 feet long, running parallel with the railway, and therefore slightly diagonal as regards the building. For a length of 500 feet. the platform will be covered with a simple girder roof, sheeted with corrugated iron; as the pressure of railway traffic will as a rule be during fine weather, it is considered that the extant of shelter will be amply sufficient. The platform will be 15 feet wide, and of such height that visitors will not be called upon to use steps in leaving or entering the carriages. At the eastern end, there will be a corridor formed from the platform to the building; so that passengers will be guided direct to the entrance intended for them. The corridor will be 24 feet wide. To the front, it will consist of an extension of the general design of the ends of the building; in red and white brick, the windows affording all the light. The back wall will most probably be arcaded and ornamented; and the roof will be of corrugated iron. The sidings for empty carriages will be formed in a line with the railway, but considerably beyond the western end of the building. Of course, independent of them, two lengths of line will be laid down parallel with the existing ones; so that the special traffic will not interfere with the ordinary traffic of the line. The platform will accommodate trains of 35 carriages. The railway buildings and corridor will be erected at the expense of the companies, Mr Salomons is the architect (as well as to the committee), and the contract been taken by Messrs Young and Company. [Manchester Guardian 15 October 1856 page 3]

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